Who We Are

We are fourth-generation farmers and second-generation beekeepers. We plant, nurture, harvest, and produce all of our products. We are passionate, thankful, and committed to this wonderful gift that has been given to us and we are very excited to share our products with you! 

Our Sorgo Grass Juice and Sorgo Grass Syrup products are unique and cannot be found anywhere else.  We also produce high-quality beet and watermelon juices.



Regenerative and Sustainable Farming

At Sweet Living Farms, we have proudly created an environmentally regenerative and sustainable production process. We give back to the land what we take from it.

Our production process has near zero waste. Most of the solid matter we don’t use for our final products is repurposed as fertilizer, which is then used to provide natural enrichment for our soil. The remaining by-product is used for other local projects around the farm. 


Raw and Unfiltered

We produce healthy products that will be beneficial and enjoyable to everyone. All of our products are raw and natural.

We do not use preservatives or artificial colors. We make sure that all our processes preserve the nutritional properties of our products.



Made in the USA

Our juice and syrup products are grown and produced at Sweet Living Farms, by ourselves, in Palm Bay, Florida.

Our sister company, Jester Bee, Company produces our very own honey products in Mims, Florida. To learn more about Jester Bee Company, click here.


Our Story

We are a family-owned business with a prime mission of producing unique, all-natural, and healthy products.We have profound respect and connection with nature. We love what we do, and we’ll never get tired of it.

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