About Us

Sweet Living Farms is a family-owned company that operates its own farm and produces unique all-natural, healthy, delicious juice, syrup, and honey products. 

As fourth-generation farmers and second-generation beekeepers, we, at Sweet Living Farms have profound respect and connection with nature. We are tireless workers, dreamers, and innovators. We love growing and producing pure, natural, and healthy products for everyone’s benefit and enjoyment.

From planting, nurturing, harvesting, and producing the product, all occur on Sweet Living Farms.

Everyone in the company is passionate, committed, and willing to go the extra mile to bring our refreshing, energizing products to you.

How Sweet Living Farms Started

Our dream for Sweet Living Farms started more than 25 years ago. It all began in Arkansas’s Mississippi River Delta where we first saw the potential of this healthy, delicious, and ancient crop called Sorghum.

We discovered the potential of Sorghum farm when we purchased beehives from a farmer in the Ozark Mountain foothills of Arkansas. He had been growing 400 acres of Sorghum for years and produced Sorghum Syrup. He controlled the entire production process, and even built specialized harvesting and processing equipment to make his very own syrup.

Intrigued by his operation, we spent the last two decades researching and discovering how we could produce innovative products from the Sorghum crop and sustainably grow and produce it.

After moving to Florida to find better forage and environmental conditions for our bees we were able to become successful enough with our beekeeping to finally be able to have the time and finances to make our dream of growing sorghum a reality.

Thanks to the extensive experience and help of a nearby farmer who was successfully growing Sweet Sorghum to feed his cows and enrich the soil. We saw the opportunity to bring our dream to reality.

We started growing our first Sorghum crop, built our own processing plant, and produced our own Sorghum products – Sorgo Grass Juice andSorgo Grass Syrup.

From then on, our dreams continue to grow.

In addition to producing Sorgo Grass Juice and Syrup, we grow and produce Beet and Watermelon juices and products to expand our growing and harvesting seasons.

We were already producing honey through our sister company, Jester Bee Co., and felt like these great Florida varietal honey were a natural addition to our product line.

Delivering Healthy Products

We love producing healthy products that will be beneficial to everyone – no artificial additives or preservatives added. 

Our Sorgo Grass juice and syrup are rich in Chlorophyll, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals resulting from our unique processing methods that retain all the nutrients. 

With these properties, rawness, and its delicious taste, we know that you will love it! 

Beets Juice Processing
Beets Farm
Sweet Sorghum Farm

Our Farming Season

To keep our farm productive and fertile, we cycle crops all-year-round.

For Our Honey Products

During summer, our bees start to gather nectar from the Mangrove and Cabbage Palm trees. During the fall, our bees gather nectar from Brazillian Pepper. As soon as the bees have this nectar ripened into honey, we start to harvest the fresh crop. We usually have high-quality honey available year round.

June to December is the time we grow and harvest our Sorgo Grass, while the Beetroot harvest is from February to May, and watermelons are grown and harvested from April to June.

We have freshly pressed juice available during harvest periods, but we have high-quality frozen juice or juice concentrate available year round. We make the Sorgo Grass Syrup from 100% Pure Sorgo Grass Juice when it is freshly harvested, but it stores well like honey and we plan to have it available year round.

Sweet Living Farms' Vision

Sweet Living Farms aims to be a key player in providing delicious and healthy products. We will develop products to satisfy each palate, and encourage commercial sectors to switch to our natural products as well.

By producing natural and healthy products, we believe, our products will be loved and will bring energy and good health to many people.

Watermelon Farm

Meet The Team​

Being a small business, we are able to manage and make all our visions come true. Farming is within our soul already,
and we will do our best to keep it even through generations.

The Jester Family in Florida

Kevin Jester​

Founder/Operations Head

Aside from being the Founder, Kevin also heads the operation of the whole farm and processing. This company started just because of Kevin’s desire to build and grow things. It is all just an excuse for him to be able to wake up everyday and do what he enjoys doing. He has no hobbies or other interests, Jester Bee Co and Sweet Living Farms is what fills all his waking hours.

The Jester Bee Family

Pratima Jester

Business Manager

Pratima takes care of the finance and business side of things for Sweet Living Farms and Jester Bee Co. She prefers to be out working with the bees, but without her managing the office none of this would be possible.

Merwin at the Sorgo Farm

Merwin Espinal

Production Manager

Merwin has spent the last two seasons building and installing our harvesting and processing equipment and facilities. He is in charge of the harvest and processing of all our products.

David Herndon

David Herndon

Business Development

David oversees the overall marketing operations to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

Celeste Foronda

Celeste Foronda

Sales & Marketing

Together with David, Celeste establishes smooth transactions with all of our existing and future clients.

Keith Pineda

Keith Pineda


Keith works on the inventory, technicals, and everything under the sun. 

Joana Adorino

Joana Adorino

Food Technologist

Joana is the Food Technologist of the team. She is working remotely but it has never become a hindrance to assist the farm in compliance and regulatory. Joana is a nature lover and also dreams to manage her own farm in the future.

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