Black Mangrove Honey

Black Mangrove Honey

Black Mangrove Honey

A Mangrove honey that is raw, has a very mild flavor, and one of the best tasting honey that will surprise your palate! 

Sweet Living Farms preserves Black Mangrove along with the Florida coastal areas.  During early summer, our bees gather nectar on the Mangrove tree flowers’ producing our very own Black Mangrove Honey. Since these plants grow in shallow salt water, it absorbs nutrients from the sea and transferred to the nectar keeping its unique and valuable properties. 

We collect them and pack on our own facility with the goal of delivering natural, and healthy honey to your table or each of your recipes.

Nutritional Benefits of Black Mangrove Honey

Black Mangrove Honey has tons of nutritional benefits. It contains antioxidants such as phenols and other antioxidant compounds, that boost your immune system, and prevent diseases. 

Honey can also help improve cholesterol, can also be used for cough medications, and improves wound healing. It can also lower triglycerides that are linked to cardiovascular disease and Diabetes.

When used as a natural sweetener substitute, indeed this Black Mangrove Honey can elevate your day! 

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Honey for Tea

How to Enjoy It?

You can perfectly enjoy our Black Mangrove Honey as pure in a spoonful, as a natural sweetener or pair it with teas, coffee, cocktails, as drizzles, or prepare your delicious snack and breakfast. 

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